About US


  • To empower our students with world class education that is stimulating, responsive to needs of the century, and which prepare them for leadership as professionals and as responsible citizens.
  • To develop technically qualified professionals through short-term courses, workshops, and seminars on a sustained basis.
  • To provide a learning environment of international standards for the best students in India and abroad enabling sharp focus on research and collaborative initiatives with industry and other institutions.
  • To continuously improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Institutional management of the Institution.


  • Create advanced facilities for teaching and practical training of UG & PG students.
  • Advance the facilities and intellectual capital in the arena of Research and Development.
  • Develop technical manpower through interactive professional development programs spanning areas in communication, leadership, personal effectiveness, and corporate readiness.
  • Enable the execution of real-life projects in collaboration with industry and academia.
  • To empower the under-privileged through community out-reach projects in and around the College.