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At TEC, our prime goal is to enable transformation. When a student enters TEC with many hopes and dreams, we make it our top priority and chief mandate to help them achieve transformation. Not just through the completion of academic milestones, but through a holistic development on the academic, professional and social front. With this vision of creating leaders for our society and our nation, we base our approach to education on the foundational pillars of discipline and ethical conduct. No true leader can evolve without understanding the power of discipline to achieve one's goals, and the necessity of integrity in every aspect of life. We are a growing institution, and it is our commitment to invest every effort in this holistic, long term transformational process. To achieve this we combine the best ingredients for effective education: a robust academic structure, commitment and competent academicians, world-class infrastructure and an environment which can nurture young minds for the challenges of the future. Welcome to TEC! Come, be a part of the transformation!

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Our Vision & Mission

  • Vision


    To empower our students with world class education that is stimulating, responsive to needs of the century, and which prepare them for leadership as professionals and as responsible citizens. To develop technically qualified professionals through short-term courses, workshops, and seminars on a sustained basis. To provide a learning environment of international standards for the best students in India and abroad enabling sharp focus on research and collaborative initiatives with industry and other institutions.To continuously improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Institutional management of the Institution.



    Create advanced facilities for teaching and practical training of UG & PG students.Advance the facilities and intellectual capital in the arena of Research and Development.Develop technical manpower through interactive professional development programs spanning areas in communication, leadership, personal effectiveness, and corporate readiness.Enable the execution of real-life projects in collaboration with industry and academia.To empower the under-privileged through community out-reach projects in and around the College.

    History of the College


    Thirumalai Engineering College was established under the aegis of Kanchi Krishna Educational Trust in the year 1999. This trust was established with one key objective: helping rural students realize their dreams through education of international standards. The trust runs the KanchiShri Krishna college of Arts and Science, the Thirumalai Polytechnic College, the Thirumalai Teacher Training Institute and the Thirumalai College of Engineering (TEC).TEC was established on a massive scale with a campus of over 30 acres on the Chennai – Bangalore National Highway. The ambience is idyllic, and location ideal. Since its inception, TEC has covered much ground in every sphere enabling students with infrastructure, support and academic rigor to shape the minds of tomorrow's leaders.

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