Master of Business Administration

It is in the corridors of management education that business leaders are formed. Business leaders who shape industry, create employment, generate revenue for the nation, and empower social causes. At TEC, our Management program is a clear departure from the beaten track. For several reasons we believe this program stands apart and has earned the distinction to be called truly unique.

Key Highlights

  • Thirumalai-MBA stands first among 35 colleges, consistently for the past 13 semesters in the Vellore zone.
  • Every year University rank holders produced. In 2012, Six of our students have earned university ranks.
  • All the students are provided with "Free Laptops"; a proof that we truly believe in investing in technology to empower our students.
  • Every year a National management Conference, two Workshops and two Poster Exhibitions are conducted to develop the organizing capability and leadership qualities of students.
  • We employ Premier training institutions like TIME, SMART, Edu Learning Solutions and Vista Mind to enhance the students' communication skills and professional readiness.
  • Campus Placement Programmes are organised to place 70-80% of our students.
  • Special training also offered on Group Discussions, Seminars, Debates to better equip participants of the management program
  • Conference Hall, separate Tables and chairs for individual students are hallmarks of this department.