Principal’s Message

Education is a noble affair. It is a holy endeavor and should be holistic as well. The utilization of education for spreading the values of culture and modernization came into existence from time immemorial. Highly productive economies, distributive justice, people’s participation in decision-making bodies, adoption of scientific technology in the industry, agriculture, spreading values, building relationships, unlimited occupations, and professions are accepted as major factors for modernizing the Indian society. These goals have to be achieved, reviewed, and look for new benchmarks through liberal education.

Real Personality, which is based on character, is remembered by the world through eternity. The number of such people, though small, can shape the destiny of mankind. Their names remain imprinted in the hearts of millions of people forever. Being an ardent social thinker, it is no wonder that the revered Chairman ventured into the act of starting educational institutions with the sole motto of building a better society.

Thirumalai has a glittering journey due to aspiration, commitment, morale, and quest for an upgrade. Simply, Thirumalai is not a team but a family that works for creating socially conscious and technologically sound professionals who will serve the human society with willingness and vigor.

Dr.S. Lakshmi ,B.E.,M.E., Ph.D.,


Thirumalai Engineering College,